Important Aja trivia includes: attended last ever Sublime concert, played Yo-Yo Ma's cello, once met Marilyn Manson by accident.


PLACES I'VE LEFT                                                                                                                                                 WHAT I DID THERE

I was born in northern California.                                                                                                                           Baseball

I didn't leave California until I was 18.                                                                                                                   Music

I left because I went to Wesleyan University.                                                                                                       Music + Books

I left Wesleyan for DC because I thought I was going to be an arts admin.                                                       Music + Books + Visual Art

Turns out I wanted to be an art monster instead. 

I left DC to go to University of Virginia to study fiction.                                                                                        Words + Other People's Words

I occasionally left Virginia to drive Deborah Eisenberg around. 

I didn't leave Virginia for a long time. It is very pretty and the people are very fine.                                         Food + Protégés

I left Virginia and cried all the way to Texas, where I studied more fiction.                                                        Words + Protégés

I left Texas to go to Provincetown to be an art monster on the seaside.                                                     Loneliness + Words

I left Provincetown to go back to Texas to finish stuff and eat more tacos.                                                       Other People's Words

I left Texas for Portland because I was too hot and scared of cockroaches.                                                     Trees

I left Portland because even all my windows couldn't let in enough sun.                                                          Creatives

Sometimes I leave LA but then wonder why anyone would and I come back.